Babble-On is a high energy cover band based in the Twin Cities.  Featuring soaring vocals backed by a rock solid band.  Babble-On plays the songs you know and love from the classic era of rock music to today, as well as a few you may not have heard in awhile.  When Babble-On hits the stage the party is just getting started.

Babble-On is comprised of musicians with a long history of entertaining in the Twin Cities and the upper midwest.  The band gets its roots from members of Twin Cities band Psychobabble, who decided to stay together after the band concluded its long run.  Vocalist Nikki Nelson, bassist KK Vincent, and guitarist Steve Durette joined forces with Them Guys drummer Dave Christenson, and multi-instrumentalist and musician extraordinaire Johnny Vincent, whose lengthy musical pedigree includes being a founding member of Twins Cities band GB Leighton.  With a shared love of music and performing, the members of Babble-On have set their sights on becoming a staple on the Twin Cities music scene.   

So if you're looking for a night filled with fun, frivolity and great music, come check us out, and get your Babble-On!

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